“You cannot buy your health; you must earn it through healthy living.”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

SIA “JLU Technologies” (Riga, Latvia) offers for Your kind attention a biotextile product - AMBER CLASSIK it is a recovery-healthy bed linen (set) (Fig.1-3), where innovative composite amber fibers are included in the structure of material, also high quality linen and fine fiber of cotton (combed yarns).

Composite amber fibers contain pure Baltic amber and reinforced with silver powder, which is located inside in the amber fibers in the form of nano-fibers.

Baltic amber is very unique, deposited only in Baltic Sea Region. 50 million years are needed to form the Baltic amber, which has specific composition. Other ambers on the Earth are classified as similar amber.

The exclusivity of Baltic amber lies in its diverse organic composition of chemical compounds and their positive effect on living structures.

As well, the uniqueness lies in the fact that no anyone in the world can synthesize of amber. Amber is created by nature and therefore unique!

Composite amber fibers - AMBELIKA® (patented brand), are part of the textiles, and in contact with the human body have the following properties (based on the scientific and clinical studies):

1) antioxidant effect, that prevents the development of various skin diseases and contributes to wound and burn to heal;

2) the renewal and extension of cells life cycle;

3) normalizes and improvement of lymphodynamics and hemodynamics in the capillary system;

4) a relaxing and calming effect, a decrease of insomnia syndrome;

5) high hygroscopicity, hypoallergenicity and safety, moisture and air permeability, naturalness and environmental friendliness;

6) clinically proven: material with amber fibers stop the growth and development of fungal infections;

7) laboratory-proven: material with amber fibers protects against the electromagnetic field created by home electrical appliances.

Why an amber fabric is classified as a SMART textile, it is by thanks of specific composition and bioactivity of amber. This is manifested in fact that normalizes blood circulation in the micro capillary system, so the metabolism in the cells is accelerated, and this affects the strengthening immunity, as a result, the recovery-healthy effect is ensured.

Composite amber fibers are developed by Latvian scientists (ES), have international recognition (gold medals), patented, received European certificates of quality and safety (Certificate AITEX and Certificate Made for Health). Patents protection (EU and LV).

SIA “JLU Technologies” (Riga, Latvia) is inventor, exclusive owner and manufacturer of composite amber fibers.

Recovery-healthy bed linen (set) AMBER CLASSIC include (size of set is Eurostandard):

• pillowcase (2) 50x70 cm.

• duvet cover 200x220 cm.

• bed sheet 220x240 cm

Sizes and color of bedding sets can be made according to the customer claim.

Material composition: 35% Linen, 35% Cotton, 30% composite amber fibers.

Environmentally friendly natural raw materials without chemical treatment, not painted.

The bed linen (set) has natural color with a characteristic muted amber sheen, the textile structure of the material has pleasant tactile properties, very soft and practical material. The front surface of the pillowcase is decorated with a jacquard pattern.

Care: machine washable at t 40-60C, machine drying up to t 90C, ironing at t 40-60C. Do not bleach, do not boil!

The bed linen (set) is packed in a sealed plastic bag and a cardboard box (27х37х12 cm), brutto 3,068 kg.


- minimum order - 10 sets;

- delivery is not included in the price of the set (payment separately, depending from customer requirements); delivery door-to-door, 5-10 work days (standard delivery, also possible in continue 1 day – Extra delivery);

- the price is started from 195 EUR (depending from the size of the set);

- contact to make the order is Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript. (please indicate: delivery address, name of recipient, phone number, quantity of sets, delivery condition – standard or Extra delivery);

- delivery after full prepayment.

“The only beauty that I know is the health!” G. Heine

This beauty made for You!


With best regards CEO JLU Technologies Ltd Inga ĻAŠENKO

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