From amber to amber fiber

mark twain

To prepare the brochure, information regarding research outcomes of physical and mechanical properties of amber were used, which was carried out with the financial support of the Riga 2014 Foundation within the framework of project Amber Road: Towards the Future of Latvia in the World.

Ambelika® composite amber fibers are developed in Latvia as a result
of fusion of science and high tech with natural material - Baltic amber.
The main idea of creating composite amber fibers is simplicity, as the
highest stage of art of intellectual activity aimed at the final result.
Amber as bright gem passes through the centuries and cultural history
of nations, representing by itself a unique timeline, symbolizing the
link between the past, present and future. It is extraordinary and
magically attractive.
That is the reason why the most unique and mysterious gem of
Northern Europe - Baltic amber - was chosen for the manufacturing of
the new composite fibers.