Rome hosts with delight Iveta Vecenānes installation and Inga Ļašenko amber thread

I.Vecenāni sve...
 I.Vecenāni sveic Italijas prezidenta protokola vādītājs  I.Vecenāni sveic Italijas prezidenta protokola vādītājs
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 Itāļi apbrīno dzintara diegu un mākslas darbu  Itāļi apbrīno dzintara diegu un mākslas darbu
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No kr.: LR vestniece Elita Kuzma; Etruska muzeja direktore; I.Vecenāne; Pētergaiļa vādītāja I.Cepite No kr.: LR vestniece Elita Kuzma; Etruska muzeja direktore; I.Vecenāne; Pētergaiļa vādītāja I.Cepite


On December 14, 2012 in Etruscan Museum in Rome, within Baltic amber dedicated week, opened Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian artist exhibition. Riga 2014 foundation spokeswoman Aiva Rosenberg reports from Rome.

Latvia was represented by Iveta Vecenāne artist whose installation „What amber has in its mind?” is a true science and art collaboration created with Riga 2014 European Culture Capital support. She works with the amber threads, which was made thanks to modern technology by RTU scientist Inga Ļašenko. Installation shows the thread artistically presented amber acquisition process, as well as viewable amber thread the patent.

Installation conceptually showing the way from the Baltic amber centuries ago, to the present, connecting the past with the future, as well as showing amber thread creation miracle. As the artist says, "in the throne I’d put amber thread spool." Historical picture presented through the ancient “celaine” (decorative border) belt making technique with the end not concluded and as encouraging travelers to continue their journey and search for answers to the questions of Amber road, while modern amber - amber threads - circles surrounded by circles refined amber granules and powders, of which thread was created. From the thread are weaved textile samples in which the artist animates wave foam pieces and white back of wave. Installation is distinguished by themes like freshness, lightness, purity and elegance of simplicity.

While admiring Latvian scientists’ invention and the artist's work, visitors were also able to amber thread texture feel themselves experiencing the silky touch. Lithuanian and Estonian artists exhibited contemporary amber jewelry. Etruscan museum director, expressed delight to Iveta Vecenānei, said the vision of the contemporary Latvian amber textile art is sure to attract additional visitors to the museum, were everybody will be able to see these works until next March 2013. The museum also expressed interest in making solo artist exhibition.

Event was attended by a large number of people, including few high Italian officials from the Italian Presidential Palace, Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, as well as other institutions. Guest of honor at the event was widow of respected Italian diplomat and Ambassador Boris Byankeri. Boris Byankeri is Stameriena Count Tomasi di Lampedusa's wife Olga sister's son, and also known Italian society with his book on the Baltic amber and family history in Stаmeriena.