Shawl with amber threads

Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga (Latvijas Valsts prezidents 1999. gada 8. jūlijs — 2007. gada 7. jūlijs)

Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga (Latvijas Valsts prezidents 1999. gada 8. jūlijs — 2007. gada 7. jūlijs). Photos: A. Rozenberga


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From amber to amber fibers 

The idea was born in Cairo… 

In 2006, in Cairo, at National Library, Dr. sc. ing. Inga Lasenko paid attention to an article about the use of amber in the ancient Egypt. It said that the ancient Egyptians used containers made of amber for blood storage, because blood doesn’t coagulate in them. It is considered that pharaohs took the blood bath, because they believed that the blood revives the dead and makes old and weak young. 

 Composite amber fibers 

In order to obtain amber fibers, different types of yarns can be sputtered with amber powder, but obtained coating can be quickly destroyed and crumbles from the surface of material.  More widespread use is expected to have composite amber fibers, which is made of polyamide, in which structure is encapsulated particles of amber powder, purified by the special technology. 

In the future, in Latvia it is planned to build the factory, which will complete the full cycle of production of amber fibers. 

But while it is yet to come, even now composite amber fibers becoming more popular as a national symbol of Latvia. Recently it have been made governmental gift - exclusive scarves, made of sophisticated amber fibers and best quality cashmere fibers, which was officially presented to the State highest official persons, the ex-president Vaira-Vike Freiberga and current president of Latvia Andris Berzins.