JLU Technologies Ltd.


JLU Technologies Ltd. for several years carefully studied Baltic amber and that led to development of genuine technology of amber micronization and purification. The result was a product - pure amber powder with a certain particle size and shape, which can be successfully used in cosmetology. It has been scientifically proven that amber powder does not cause allergic reactions and can be used for cosmetic purposes. Amber processing technology has been patented by the company.
Since the company's activities include the production biotextiles, the resulting powder was used for amber composite fiber production. Currently the company is preparing trial samples for amber composite fibers which will be available for sale in near future

JLU Technologies Ltd

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Ilukstes str. 107/1-16, Riga, LV-1082, Latvia
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    Fax: + 371 67089631
  • e-mail: jlutechno@inbox.lv
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