Award of 2021 Year in Education and Research

RTU Leading Researcher Inga Ļašenko received Award of 2021 Year in Education and Research from Latvian Federation of Security and Defense Industries

The Leading Researcher at Riga Technical University’s, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Transport and Aeronautics; Institute of Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Department of Theoretical mechanics and material resistances, Leader of the Mechanics and Biotextile Research Laboratory, Inga Ļašenko received Award of 2021 Year in Education and Research upon the theme “Textile material that reduces infrared and ultraviolet radiation in the thermal spectrum”.

As a result of interdisciplinary international cooperation between RTU, Mechanics and Biotextile Research Laboratory (accredited laboratory), Institute of Biology the University of Latvia (Laboratory of Environmental Genetics) and Nature Research Center, Lithuania (Laboratory of Molecular Ecology), working together in several international projects have been developed and tested effective, relatively cheap and rapid biotesting methods for determining the effects of biotextiles and their components, including nanoparticles, on cells and organisms.
A group of methods for determining the protective properties of textiles against the effects of electromagnetic fields of various wavelengths also has been developed.
“In modern combat using unmanned aerial vehicles, infrared radiation makes it very easy to detect living objects in the forest. We have managed to create a high quality fabric that is invisible under infrared and heat absorbing video surveillance equipment.
A creative and scientific approach to the study of the problem is based on knowledge of textile technology, physics (optical properties of materials), chemistry of textile fibers. This material effectively hides living objects from the thermal cameras. In our sample, we made an universal product - a sleeping bag, poncho, camouflage suit and stretcher. But most importantly, it effectively hides from surveillance of the unmanned aerial vehicles, equipped with infrared video surveillance devices.
The product fully meets the requirements for the development of certain protective properties, i.e. an improvement has been achieved: the temperature difference between the environment (objects) and the masked object not exceed 2oC”, - says Inga Ļašenko.
Currently, Mechanics and Biotextile Research Laboratory (RTU) has the potential to develop the biotextiles almost any degree of complexity, including nanocomposite biotextiles, as well as to prepare a scientifically based expert opinion about the quality of biotextiles based on European Standards.
Cooperation with leading European institutes for the biotextiles development (Schulung Grundlagen der Textiltechnik am Institut für Textiltechnik (RWTH) Aachen, Germany; Centexbel, the scientific and technical centre of the Belgian Textile industry; University of Rouen Normandy - UFR Science and Technology, France; University of Rome «La Sapienza», Faculty of Engineering, Rome, Italy; AITEX, Instituto Tecnológico Textil / Textile Research Institute, Spain, and others) provides an opportunity to develop innovative technologies and promote Latvian developments in the field of biotextiles in Europe and the World.
The Award of 2021 Year in Education and Research area from the Latvian Federation of Security and Defense Industries is awarded by an interdisciplinary jury, composed of representatives of the Latvian Federation of Security and Defense Industries, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Education and Science.

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